Thursday, 7 February 2013

Party Politics

It’s the party political gathering 
hear you’ve never had it so good
as the fizz from the Moet et Chandon
preludes the five star food
swimming with upper class oysters
while the pearls on the ocean floor
drown in a sea of indifference
and the wines of injustice they pour

Observe the herding instinct
as they chase around in packs
it’s the cosy rubbing of shoulders
and the intimate scratching of backs
it’s the diamonds and rubies and Rolex
mixed with the scent of Chanel
climbing ivory towers to false heavens
to look down on the captives in hell

See the mutual admiration
that by so many is held
for the Christian Dior dresses
and the suits by Lagerfeld
but they forget when they flash the plastic
in their fancy expensive stores
the victims of their decisions
they stepped over to get through the doors

Sheltered by lies and statistics
from the winds of change that they blow
the barometric measure of wealth
shows how the investments grow
and the fat cats bask in their sunshine
tinted shades hiding the pain
of the souls on the streets where the shadows are cast
and the lives that are lived in the rain

by Tom Langlands  


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Articles and photography copyright of Tom Langlands


  1. Tom, your poem struck a chord with me, reminding me of Henry Lawson's poem "Faces on the Street"

    the ninth vers reads:

    I wonder would the apathy of wealthy men endure
    Were all their windows level with the faces of the Poor?
    Ah! Mammon's slaves, your knees shall knock, your hearts in terror beat,
    When God demands a reason for the sorrows of the street,
    The wrong things and the bad things
    And the sad things that we meet
    In the filthy lane and alley, and the cruel, heartless street.

    Barry Dale

  2. Hi Barry,
    Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comments.
    Ive just read Faces on the Street - powerful and evocative. Thats the main reason I love photography and writing - there is something about words and images that used correctly reaches deep into the human soul. I have a project in mind for sometime in the future along those lines.
    Thanks again
    Take care