Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Choirs with Purpose and the Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir

As a freelance photojournalist I often get the opportunity to cover interesting stories. One such story that made a real impact on me and that has left a lasting impression was the day I covered a recording session in Glasgow with a very special group of people - namely Choirs with Purposes and the Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland choir.

Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir
As a regular contributor to the excellent magazine Celtic Life International I offered to cover what I thought would be an interesting Christmas story. It certainly was and a very humbling experience at that. The full article is in the December 2017 edition of the magazine that is available now - see www.celticlife.com. It is not my intention to reproduce that article here but I will share with you why it touched me and what part you can play in helping someone this Christmas.

Lucy Lintott
Lucy Lintott is Scotland's youngest diagnosed sufferer of the horrible disease know as MND (motor neurone disease). Motor neurones carry the messages from our brains to our muscles and the disease gradually destroys these cells stopping the messages from reaching the muscles. Sufferers slowly become paralysed - losing the ability to walk, talk, swallow or breath. Lucy was the subject of a BBC Scotland documentary - MND and 22-Year-Old-Me. I watched it and although it had moments of great sadness it also had a message of immense courage. Lucy refuses to be defined by her illness and has decided to live life to the full. She is an incredible woman and an amazing example to all of us.

Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir
James Hawkins and Clare Cook of James Hawkins Music also saw the documentary and approached MND Scotland to put together a choir to feature on their Christmas album 'Together We Stand' by Choirs with Purpose. Choirs with Purpose brings together choirs from across the UK each singing a song that in some way is connected to, or represents their cause. Together We Stand will feature tracks by all of the choirs and also a mass-choir track of a reworking of Sir Paul McCartney's 'We All Stand Together'. The profits raised from the sales of the album will be divided equally between all of the causes represented.

Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir
In Glasgow I met the amazing Lucy Lintott and the terrific MND Scotland choir. Every single member of the choir has been affected in some way or other by MND - usually through the death of a friend or family member as a consequence of the disease. Yet, despite all of this the recording session was held in an atmosphere of great sharing, love, fun, laughter and mutual compassion.

Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir
If you want too read the full story about this day please visit - www.tomlanglandsphotography.com/files/8730/choirswithpurposelucylintott.pdf

Lucy Lintott/MND Scotland Choir
If you want to be part of this amazing project and contribute to a number of terrific causes this Christmas then please go to www.choirswithpurpose.com and order your copy of the album. It comes out on December 15th but can be pre-ordered as a CD or as a download. Please consider this small gesture. It is a small price to pay for some huge causes and you will make a difference...

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